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Facilities Event Location Reservations


Facilities Event Location Reservations 

This Sharepoint calendar is arranged to schedule only one group per table.  All reservations are based on first come first serve approvals.  Student groups may book consecutive days not to exceed one business week (5 days) total per month. Commercially prepared foods are preferred. Simple baked goods e.g. cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, etc. are acceptable as part of fundraising.
  • Posting Walls A, B, C, and D in Haven Hall are four 10'ft built-in tables and benches located in the Haven Hall entrance facing the diag.
  • Space-A and Space B is located in Chemistry on either side of the staircase.  A table is not provided - rentals are available at SORC in MI Union.
  • Three spaces are available in MLB, first floor.  Table and benches are provided in these spaces though not to be moved. 
  • To view reservable spaces review the  "Space Locator" top left on this page under Documentation.

The atrium approval process could take up to three weeks for approval if asking prior to 7:30 pm. Approvals must first be vetted through research labs which make up the majority of our spaces surrounding atriums.

  1. check the reservations calendar on the left side of this page first to find an open time
  2. return to the Facilities Event Location Reservation page top left and it will bring you back to this page
  3. click the below button to submit your request
  4. student groups must be a registered UM organization or sponsored by a department
  5. reminder that NO Amplified Sound ALLOWED in atriums or tabling areas

Our focus is on prioritizing the health and safety of the U-M community while supporting campus needs for the term.    

To submit a reservation request, please click the button below.  You will be prompted for your username and password.  Using your uniqname, type UMROOT\uniqname, and your Active Directory password to log in. 

If you are having trouble logging in, or don't know your Active Directory password, click here for help changing your password.